Friday, November 16, 2012

How in the world do people find this blog?

Apparently Terry Crews.

I've only been blogging for a few months now so I'm always interested in what brings people to my shady corner of the internet.

I check my traffic & audience stats pretty frequently and puzzle over things like "Why do I have 21 hits from Greece today?" It's welcome, but a little confounding.

One of the statistical tools is called Traffic Sources, where you can see what websites refer people to your page or what search engine terms people used before clicking on your website.  For the most part it's things like "40k nurglings," "Green Wraitguard," or "Guardians of the Covenant" (There've also been a surprising number of searches for "Eladrin Warlord"). These all make sense since those are gaming terms, and this is a gaming blog.

Yesterday however I saw three words I never thought I'd see to bring someone to my little painting page: "Terry Crews Grandfather"

The hell?

How does Terry Crews have anything to do with my minis?
Seriously. Look at this guy. The only thing he'd ever have to do with 40k would be the basis for a bad ass Catachan.

I went on a Google Image Search mission to see for myself. Sure enough, on page 37 I found this picture
Apparently after a few dozen pages of Terry Crews pics Google starts grasping at straws, so it noticed I'd used the word "Grandfather" (Nurgle) in my post about this mini so it tossed the shot in with the rest.

Weird stuff.



  1. I stumbled onto your DV Librarian post from a google search for Dark Angels Rumors and saw a great paintjob and had to have a look around.

    1. Welcome to my blog, I'm glad you liked it.