Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leaked shots of Ogryn, Horus, and the Hydra

Just saw this post on my local gamer's facebook, & thought I should put them here for your enjoyment.

Funny thing though, Naftka is reporting a rumor that the next White Dwarf won't be featuring all these minis. Rather, his source says that there will be a Daemon dataslate (likely a fix for the Tzeentch Flamer chariot) and some infor about Apocalypse, and continuing to ride the Imperial Knight train.

Here are the shots (I'm most interested in the third shot down. The Ogryn w/the re-breather.)


Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard) Codex cover & leaks

We've had our first looks at the new Imperial Guard, and their shiny new name the "Astra Militarum."

Why Astra Militarum? I'm guessing it's because it'd be really tough to copyright the name "Imperial Guard."

Without further ado, here's the Codex cover (these shots snagged from facebook)
It looks nice, and is very much in keeping with the 6th Edition theme of iconic character front & center. I think the new name is a bit silly, but part of that stems from my feeling that the term Imperial Guard is so entrenched in the setting. Also their "high gothic" name is Departmento Munitorum, unless this book retcons that. Guess we won't know til we see inside.

For me, the most exciting leaked shot is the new Tempestus Scions. I believe these are the new Storm Trooper unit, which makes me wonder what'll happen to Kasrkins.
 They're clearly meant to look like an elite unit. I just hope the fluff matches the crunch, since Stormtroopers tend to be an ablative unit. They have chic angular armor that's akin to what you'd see on a Fantasy Empire general, so there might be some conversion potential there too. I like the look of the sergeant, but I'm not sold on the helmet. I think with a few spikes & greenstuff he'd be an excellent cultist leader too.

The Taurox has been getting a fair bit of scorn. I like it though. I don't think it's as boxy as everyone thinks it is. The tread wheels are a little silly to me, but at the same time I can't wait to see the first Orky conversion

The only other image I've seen so far is the release page. The only real revelations are that the Tempestus Scions appear to be $35 for 5 minis (I'm not a fan of the fact that they added the command sprue into the box) and that the Militarum Tempestus will be a codex supplement.h ow will they play? what'll be their schtick? we won't know until the codex comes out.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Building an $8 Ethereal

I'm a big fan of kitbashing. It's fun to take two (or more) disparate models and merging them into something all it's own.

My most recent conversion is a Tau Ethereal that cost me all of $8.09 (not including the bits I already owned). It's not quite finished, but it's really close. It's taller than your average Fire Warrior by half a head, but I'm good with that (IIRC, Ethereals are closer to Water Caste in stature, so a little taller anyways). Up to this point all I've done it carved away plastic to make it fit into place. The greenstuff will come further down the road.

The majority of the body is the Celestial wizard from the Empire's Celestial Hurricanum model. I modified the staff a bit by adding a topper from the Empire Wizard box (I also removed some of the fancy gilding & details to make it appear more sci-fi).

I cut away the wizard chest and replaced it with a standard Fire Warrior chest bit. To make it fit properly I had to cut away part of it's back, and trim off the belt. The head is one of the three new bits from the Pathfinder box set.
I'm still on the fence about which head to use. I like the "yelling" head, but the one I have placed on it currently looks more contemplative.

There are a few more small things to do before it's finished.
1. Carve the feet into hooves
2. Greenstuff the cloth to fit seamlessly with the chest armor
3. Greenstuff the belt buckle to be the symbol for the Tau Empire
4. Paint (after I'm done with my current commission)

Hope you like this, and that it gives you a few ideas for your own conversions.