Sunday, May 22, 2016

Malifaux Witchling Stalker

Years ago I saw a raw plastic mini sitting o the modeling table on my local game store and had to know what system it was for. The owner wasn't totally sure, but he'd received several, and allowed me to take it to paint it up. If I'd seen the mini when it was still on its sprue it would have been easy to identify, but as it was.
 I had to do some searching before I found it. Turns out it was a promotional  mini for the 2nd edition Malifaux system, and their new line of plastic minis. I'd heard of Malifaux, but usually dismissed it, since the aesthetic never really appealed to me.

This mini did though. It was simple in design, but well constructed, had a nice flow, and had a neat ash-waste scavenger look to it. Like I said, I didn't know what it was for, or what the mini represented, so I used it for my high-contrast red tutorial. (three years ago, good lord I've been away a while)

This is a Witchling Stalker from the "Guild" faction.

Since I painted this guy in 2013 the Malifaux brand has really picked up in production & popularity. Several friends in my local gaming group now play it, and I decided to pick up a box as well. I spent a good while considering what leader/faction to start with, but ultimately decided to buy into a Gremlin master called the Brewmaster. He doesn't do much damage, but he gets opponents drunk (paralyzing them) and his minions, the Moon Shinobi, do the rest (that pun alone convinced me to buy the box).

I'm wrapping up my masters program, so I still haven't painted a lick in months, but once the summer begins I'll be painting in earnest to prepare for the OFCC tournament in late July.

Hope you're all well,