Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If Literature were Chapters: Game of Thrones

Warhammer & Warhammer 40k are rife with puns, homages, and word play. The game universe is awash with references to literature, pop culture, historical figures, world cultures, & myths. In this section, I draw inspiration from various sources to imagine them as new armies of the Imperium.

Today I'm breaking from my usual format to create 10 chapters from a single source: George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Raimo Ricohard, the Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, sequestered himself to his chambers for a lunar cycle before suddenly charging into the offices of the Scholastia Psykana screaming "They are coming!" and falling into a deep coma.

Upon investigation of his chambers officials found detailed maps, dataslates, and feverishly written notes detailing an imminent Tyranid invasion the likes of which have never been seen. Ricohard's predictions detailed the "Omegaswarm" that would pierce deep into the heart of the Imperium, leaving nothing but "cold husks of worlds" in its wake. Unless the invasion was stopped upon its arrival, he concluded the galaxy would fall into an eternal lifeless Winter.  

This revelation was so sudden and shocking that the High-Lords of Terra wasted no time in stationing 14 full chapters of Space Marines to the Western edge of the Aeros sector of Segmentum Pacificus: The location of the first wave indicated in Ricohard's notes. The chapters arrived and quickly built fortifications and prepared to fight.

Then they waited.

Unfortunately, despite all of their details, the note failed to mention *when* the incursion would begin. Centuries have passed since the prophetic vision was first revealed, and the chapters themselves have stood watch ever since. Three of the original chapters have been snuffed out over the years, but the others have kept themselves honed and ready through voluntary crusades, competitions, the occasional Ork invasion, and constant infighting amongst one another.

Dire Wolves
House: Stark
Colors: White with Dark Grey shoulders and helmet.
Concept: The Dire Wolves are one of the few chapters that still firmly believes in the existence of the Omegaswarm. Their black-clad scout company makes regular expeditions to the edge of the sector, and lately, fewer and fewer have been returning. (note: when I pick up the 7th ed starter set, this is how I'll be painting the Space Wolves) 

Furious Kings
House: Baratheon
Colors: Black and Yellow quartered
Concept: Once the leaders of the allied chapters in the West Aeros region, their status has become shakier after their Chapter Master Hrodebert was slain in a battle with the White Boars. His successor, Gottfrid, has proven himself inexperienced and utterly grating to the other leaders, who are now competing to wrest control for themselves.

Flaying Blades
House: Bolton
Colors: Light Crimson with Red shoulders and accents
Concept: The walls of the Flaying Blades' dread fortress citadel are covered in beautiful banners made from the tanned flesh of their enemies. At the end of each campaign a handful of foes are left alive, and unharmed so their master flayers can perfect their art.

Titans of Braavos
House: Baelish
Colors: Sage green with Grey helmets
Concept: Thought to be of Raven Guard descent, these marines excel in deceptive tactics, and the use of cat's paws. They rarely take to the battlefield in force, rather, they will send waves of conscripts to fight while they maneuver to assassinate their foes when they're preoccupied.

House: Martell
Colors: Orange with Red helmet, shoulder insets, & greaves
Concept: A hot-blooded chapter, the Sunspears excel in battle and employ fast, brutal tactics that include ambushes and the use of poison. Lately they have found themselves in pitched battle with members of the Reciprocators chapter.