Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Space Marine shots from White Dwarf

It looks like Space Marine leaks are coming faster & faster, plus I've been reading up a bit more on what the rumors are. I got these shots from Ded'Ard.
Here are a trio of new HQs. My favorite is the Librarian. We don't usually see facial hair on generic marines, so I'm all for it. The Captain appears to be a recycled version of Sicarius from Black Reach, although the details are up up date. I like it. I'm reserving judgement on the Chaplain. The shot appears to be at a bad angle, So I'll hold off on naysaying until there are better pictures. 
Another new feature for Space Marines are the Graviton weapons (detail above). Rumor has it, they're crazy powerful and wound vs. armor, so I'll be keeping my ears open for more.

 These are called Centurions. If I didn't mistake what I read, these are like suits that a space marine steps up into. I've seen a bit of speculation about their size, but I'm thinking they're about the size of a Tau Crisis Suit. I'm warming to them a bit.

These two new Rhino variants are the Hunter (above) and the Stalker. Still not sure on their weapons, but I'm leaning a Graviton weapon above, and Auto Cannon below.



  1. My gripe with the HQ options is the price. Sure, they're plastic, but I'm not paying $30 for a monopose HQ model, however much I like the said model.

    1. I'd heard there were some $30 HQ minis coming out, but I didn't realize it was these guys. I'd been hoping it was a terminator or something. It's a bit too steep for power armor.

      Heck, for $7.25 more you can get a whole Tac squad.