Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If Literature were Chapters: Game of Thrones (continued)

Warhammer & Warhammer 40k are rife with puns, homages, and word play. The game universe is awash with references to literature, pop culture, historical figures, world cultures, & myths. In this section, I draw inspiration from various sources to imagine them as new armies of the Imperium.

Today I'm breaking from my usual format to create 10 chapters from a single source: George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Continued from here
House: Targaryen
Colors: Red with Black torso and helmet.
Concept: Upon their arrival in the Western Aeros sector it was discovered the chapter's librarians were capable of forming a telepathic bond with an indigenous species of firedrake found on the Southern steppes of their new home. Their psykers ride the beasts ahead of the troops and lay waste to enemy lines before they arrive.

House: Lannister
Colors: Maroon and Yellow halved
Concept: No slight is too small to warrant retaliation for this chapter. They are ruthless in their pursuits, and have terminated entire planetary governments due to a Governor's slanderous words. No one knows how the Reciprocators are able to exact such precise and exact revenge, but it is rumored that the Chapter Master consults a wizened Watcher in the Dark on all of their battle strategies.

Reaper Lords
House: Greyjoy
Colors: Black with Gold accents and grills
Concept: This chapter made its home amongst an asteroid field in the Northeastern region of the sector. Each of the 10 companies is led by a "king" and are housed in their own cruisers that navigate the sea of rock. Once every six years they gather at the Kraken, their fortress at the heart of the storm.

Celestial Falcons
House: Arryn
Colors: Light blue with White shoulders & legs
Concept: Of late, the Falcons have not engaged in any of the power grabs of the other houses. They remain in their mountaintop monastery, seemingly unmotivated to vie for position amongst their peers. Some have noted that Chapter Master Johan has not been seen for many years, leading to the speculation that there is unrest in their leadership.

Shield Wardens
House: Tyrell
Colors: Green with Orange chest & shoulder trim
Concept: Established on the most fertile Argi-World in the sector, the Shield Wardens wield enormous influence, and are not afraid to use it. More devious than they are given credit for, they are nevertheless one of the most stabilizing forces in the region.

Bonus Chapter

River Runners
House: Tully
Colors:  Light blue & Red halved
Concept: The shrewd River Runners make their home on the aquatic world of Trident. They excel in all aspects of diplomacy, although their record was marred recently when second company Captain Piscis Perniger left the chapter after coming to blows with the Chapter Master. He continues his dutiful service to the Emperor as he wanders throughout the system.

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  1. Kinda love what you are doing here. Just making my way through the GOT audio books while I paint.