Thursday, September 18, 2014

You like Half-Orcs? check these guys out.

Stonehaven miniatures is back with their latest kickstarter Half-Orc Adventurers. I was excited to see them tackle these guys since they're really underrepresented in miniatures. They're down to the last 48 hours now though, so if this tickles your fancy you should check it out.

Reaper, with their immense lineup of minis, has 19 Half Orc minis to their name, almost all of them are Barbarians, Fighters, or Rogues. With this one kickstarter Stonehaven is adding (at least) 16 new characters, in a variety of professions. Who'd have thought to make a Half-Orc Mechanist (below, left)? Also, 7 of those are female, compared to Reaper's 6.

Stonehaven sets themselves apart by putting their own twist on the race, so the aesthetic is a little different from the traditional D&D Half Orc. They have pointier ears and most of the males have bulkier frames, so they look more Orcish than Human, the exception is the Thief mini (right).

Art from Stonehaven Miniatures, Copyright 2014 Michael T. Evans
The females are more slender in stature, almost human sized. There's a bit of variety, with the Barbarian appearing far bulkier than the other ladies (right). So far, my favorite mini has to be the Bard (left). She looks like an entertaining character, and at home in any fantasy setting. How she uses the drum while in combat might be fun to figure out too (in my mind one of her drumsticks is actually a club).
Art from Stonehaven Miniatures, Copyright 2014 Michael T. Evans
 If Half Orcs aren't your thing Stonehaven adds a variety of side races to the mix as well. This time around they've added an Asian flair by introducing several Tengu (Samurai, left), songbird Hengeyokai, & a giant-sized Oni. There are also a few familiar faced races like a hobgoblin, a Wemic, and a few Half-Dragons (Dualist, right).
Art from Stonehaven Miniatures, Copyright 2014 Michael T. Evans
 The scale for the Half Orcs appears to be around 32mm, so a bit bigger than your average mini. I can't tell for sure, but I imagine they'll be comparable to Reaper's Warlord miniature line. They run a bit big, but not so large that they look ridiculous next to the rest of your PC minis. Here's a comparison they posted in an update:

If you like what you see, I'd encourage you to check out the project. I participated in the Elven Adventurers KS, and I was quite pleased with the results. Like I said before, there's less than 48 hours, so don't hesitate too much if you're interested.


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