Monday, October 20, 2014

Halfing Assassin & Cautious Marine

Now that I no longer have to be focused on a single army to paint I've been letting myself work on a few extracurricular minis just for the heck of it.

The first one is a little halfling mini from Reaper, Dicarus Darksword. You'd think "little" and "halfling" would be redundant, but this is easily the smallest halfling mini I've ever seen. I was compelled to give him a cork base just so he'd look to be about the right height.

It'd be too obvious to paint him black
As far as the size is concerned though, it might actually be correct. The D&D player's guide lists halflings as approximately 3 feet, or roughly a few inches taller than my 2 year-olds. Now that I have context for that kind of size difference it makes me think about how they'd adapt in a fantasy world. In my mind a rogue character would want to keep their distance, and probably play dirty to compensate for the fact their bow looks like a kid's toy. Hence Jimson here who would use traps & poison to drop his targets.

The owner of my FLGS has a handful of "demotivational posters" hanging around his shop. This one motivated him to create his own version.

He's been trying to get me or Yorrik to paint this mini for a long time now, but we always have too much on our plate to take on pro bono miniatures. This changed a few weeks ago, as I was preparing for OFCC.

One of the tasks I decided to take on for the team event was creating team T-shirts. While I was getting price estimates the game store owner offered to pay for the shirts and sponsor the team provided I would a.) add the store's name & number to the shirt design and b.) finally paint his cautious, plasma-wielding marine.

The owner asked for a halved blue & orange scheme. Orange is a pain, but I did it anyways. I've never seen a creamsicle colored marine, so I figured I'd make the orange a bit lighter. The plasma gun bothers me. The owner gave him a gun that melted in a hot car, so it's bent upwards. Sure it looks like it's more likely to explode, but I prefer undamaged looking gear.

More when I have the time.


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  1. Inspired. Now i have to do a Dark angels version for myself. Likely with robes that have just caught fire! LOL! Love it.