Tuesday, October 14, 2014

That looks familiar


That was my response a little bit ago while skimming through projects over at kickstarter.

I noticed there was a new project for Earthdawn miniatures. I had to check it out, since a buddy of mine, Morgan, helped write the newest edition of the Earthdawn RPG (check out Morgan's blog here).

The minis are from an old series by Heartbreaker Miniatures. I'm not sure when they were made, but I'd wager it was close to 2 decades ago, judging from the style and proportions. Some of the minis are pretty rough.

Regardless. I was checking out the offerings and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

See that guy in the lower right corner? I painted him (it? I'm not sure if they have sexes). You might recognize the mini if any of you followed me back on Warseer when I was writing my Dark Sun campaign project log.

These were painted up to be a pair of Pterran brothers that were running a slave quarry in my old Dark Sun game. It just so happened that my FLGS has a few old T'skrang minis for sale, & they fit the bill nicely.

I wasn't sure why they'd use my miniature in their KS at first, but when I did a google search for similar minis there weren't many other options. The only other painted T'Skrang#3 mini has it's weapon swapped, so I bet they couldn't really use it for promotion.

I was a bit conflicted seeing a picture of one of my minis used for a kickstarter. It's flattering to see someone liked my painting well enough to promote their product, but also gives me pause, since I hadn't been asked permission (as far as I knew). After some digging though I eventually figured out they'd snagged the photos from the Reaper message boards. When I logged in I found they had, in fact, asked permission, & if they could credit me. Bonus.

So now I'm not conflicted, simply flattered. I'm also eyeballing a few of the minis for future painting. (I can't help it)



  1. When I first loaded up this page I thought I had clicked on the wrong blog link (yours is right above Morgan's).

    They're front-loading the right minis on their Kickstarter. I can't say I care too much about the random orks or elves or whatever, but those T'skrang are unique and might be worth having. I love that vest-wearing guy who's all like "slap me some skin, brother."

    1. In my mind he's saying "on the other hand..."

      The T'skrang and Obsidimen are definitely the most iconic figures to this system, so it's wise to put them forward as their base minis. I wish the Obsidiman Wizard was available, but I get why they'd put that as the first stretch goal.

      As far as the rest, I feel like the elves are the strongest, but I'm not particularly excited by anything else.