Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The one where I make excuses

 Early in March I mentioned that I was all prepped & ready for my May Mini Challenge. I posted that I have 50+ minis based, primed, & ready for some attention. That's 20 more than necessary since I don't know if my school day will go long, or if the kids need some extra help getting to sleep some night, so I'd always have an easy mini to fall back on. Either way I was ready. Turns out I was wrong.

I can see them from where I'm typing. They're sitting there on the shelf of my china cabinet.

Judging me.

At the beginning of the March post I also mentioned that I was accepted into a graduate program in a nearby city to become a teacher. Before classes started in late March i was painting every night, getting base coats blocked in, planning color schemes & figuring out the order for each day of the month. Since classes started on March 31st I haven't once picked up a paint brush. It turns out 16 credits (13 graduate-level) is a bit of a burden when you're also balancing a part-time job, family life and friends.

Up until a few days ago I convinced myself I'd be able to buckle down and add painting to that list of daily tasks, but I've come to the conclusion that it would be untenable. School is my full time job now, which means I need to be responsible and not play with my toys until my homework is done.

and there is so much homework.

Long story short. I'm putting May Mini Madness on hold until the end of the term. It'll happen, but probably not until July. At that point I imagine it'll have to be Just for Jollies July, or Muninn's Month-o-Minis.

Back to homework,


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  1. Good on you! That's not an excuse BTW, that a valid reason. There is fine, but distinct line between the two.