Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chaos Daemons Army

While I'm regrouping & planning out my next projects I thought I'd show off some of my armies. My most recent, and closest to completion are my 40k Daemons.

I actually didn't intend to start this army.  Last year I was GMing a Dark Sun D&D game, and I wanted to create an a temple full of hand painted daemons for my PCs to face. I bought bloodletters, daemonettes, flamers, horrors, & Be'Lakor (cuz every evil temple needs a big bad end boss). Then several of my players had to bow out, the game was canceled, & I was left with 85% of a Daemon army.

So I decided not to waste the opportunity & with a little more investments I was up & running.

The first unit that I painted (before the game was canceled) were my bloodletters. Basic red angry guys.
followed by daemonettes

then I bought & slapped some paint on some daemon princes.

The first was mostly for fun, because I'd never painted a Monsterous Creature before & I've always really like the metal princes. The second was for a local painting competition, & was comprised of the plastic prince kit, & a mask from a defiler, I call him "Crucible" (it came in 2nd).

More later.


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