Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chaos Daemons (part 2)

Once the two princes were off my painting table I focused on the Tzeentch units, the Flamers, & Horrors.

One of the reasons I dragged my feet on these guys is because I was deciding what to do. I really like cohesive looking units, but Tzeentch units are almost always portrayed as chaotic technicolor dream units. Not really my style.

For the Horrors I decided to give them a blue scheme, since pink was already being covered by my daemonettes.
Likewise for the unit upgrade, the Changeling, I used the light blue-grey "underbelly" color for the skin to contrast the black cloak I gave him.

Here's a sampling of each of the troops side by side. I like to think that despite the vast difference in colors I've been able to give them a coherent look by tying them together with similar tones and accents. For instance, all of the eyes are white, metals are gold, horns/claws/teeth are bone, tongues are purple, etc.

The Flamers were a bit trickier. The problem I frequently see with their paint jobs is that their various "faces" aren't emphasized enough. I tried to take care to deepen the shadows around each head to make then stand out even more.
I started out dreading how they'd look, but now they're some of my favorites.


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