Sunday, December 16, 2012

Commission: Night Wolves Terminators

I jumped into my Night Wolves commission this week, and I'm hoping to have them done before the apocalypse on Friday. The owner wanted them to look good, but wanted the Detailed HQs to stand out comparatively.

There are 7 termis in this batch, and less then a week to do them, so I'm doing my best to push my speed painting. Mostly this means I'm not doing any more than three layers on any given color: a base coat, a wash, and a highlight. Not necessarily in that order.

Here's the first guy I completed to test the scheme:
He was a quick piece of work, so he isn't perfect, but I think he'd good for what he is, and he'll stand out nicely once he's on the table.

The armor itself is pretty simple. Here's a quick side by side of the progression.

It's done in four steps (not including priming):
1.) A coat of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Regal Blue. It coats nicely, but it only available in gloss finish (note how shiny it is in the pic above). This doesn't affect the finished product though, because once it's hit with a coat of wash it mutes the sheen.

One important thing to note: The spray can be thick and will muck up some fine details. So to protect certain areas, like the heads and faces, I cover them with strips of masking tape.

2.) A coat of Citadel Regal Blue. I'm still working with the old citadel paints, so I don't know what to recommend out of the new line. I've found that paints flow really nicely over the krylon gloss, and it's really easy to see which areas you've missed because the difference in gloss.

3.) Extreme highlights with a Regal Blue/Skull White mix. Nothing drastic here, just hitting the high points & more visible edges.

4.) A slightly watered down wash of Asurmen Blue wash. A little bit of this wash goes a long way, so I'm fine watering it & spreading it a little thin.

Like I said, I'm painting seven of these guys, so it'll test my attention a bit, but I've got my goal in mind & I hope to hammer them out in short order. More updates as I complete them.


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  1. That's a cool scheme...I've always like marines in dark blue. Your three layers look great...I need to work on that myself, getting good results without taking too long. Good luck getting them done!