Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Angels leaks in January White Dwarf

Some exciting pictures from this month's White Dwarf courtesy of the irreplaceable Naftka over at Faeit 212.

Here there are shots you can find there including the cover of the new Dark Angels codex!
The look is very in keeping with the Chaos Space Marines Codex from earlier this year. Very dynamic and features a single character.

The cover of the White Dwarf features the new Dark Angel unit: Deathwing Knights.

There are even better shots inside, including the new Belial miniature. As far as the box goes, it's clear that it's another 2-in-1 kit with bits to make one unit or the other. My question is how the hooded heads will look on Tactical marines. If they look good front to back, you can bet these will be go-to bits for conversions.

 It's hard to mention the Deathwing without bringing up their faster little brothers, the Ravenwing, and they make an appearance as well. Truthfully, I've never been keen on bikers. I don't like painting them, so they've never featured significantly in my lists. I like the look of these though, particularly the Apothecary, if for no other reason than the image of someone performing surgery while riding a motorcycle.

 The poorest picture of the batch is that of a likely interrogator chaplain. It looks like it took a few notes from the Dark Vengeance box, such as the smoke coming from the backpack. I'd like to see a better version of this shot.

Perhaps the most tantalizing new offering comes from the Dark Angels vehicles. Here we see two new Speeder variants, and a new flier. The first is clearly labeled as the "Land Speeder Vengeance" while the other is unnamed in the photos (It's rumored to have some shrouding ability, as seen in the BL books). No clue about the flier or its variant build.


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