Monday, December 10, 2012

Dark Vengeance Company Master

With the end of the year approaching I really want to finish a few projects I've been wanting to get to, namely a group of Night Wolf terminators and the Greater Knarloc. Before that though I wanted to at least wrap up the Dark Vengeance HQs. I Finished the Librarian, so here's the Company Master

There's quite a bit of detail on this guy, so it took a little time. I'm pleased with how he looks. After I built & primed him I realized I left a pretty obvious gap on the shoulder pad where the chest bit attached to the body. Instead of going through to process of filing, filling it with green stuff, smoothing, and hand priming I decided to hide it with the checkerboard design. It probably took the same amount of time as it would've to fix it, but hey, now he's got a checkerboard shoulder pad. So win.



  1. I really like the look & texture of your basing material. What do you use to get that look?

    1. I have a particular sand I like to use for all of my bases. The stuff I use is from Baker Beach in San Fransisco.

      I've traveled all over when I was in the Navy, and whenever I hit a beach I would look for sand with the right grain: not too big, not to small, or too smooth (Most of the resort beaches in Hawaii looked more like polished coral than sand). San Francisco's was just right.

      I wonder if that makes me a sand snob.

      Unless you're talking about the paint job. I started with a base of Rhinox Hide, and mixed up through Bestial Brown. I wanted a nice reddish brown to balance with the green armor for the Dark Angels.

      How's your Librarian coming along?


    2. Nah, you're not a sand snob it's a nice grain. I'm still priming away. FYU - Vallejo's grey undercoat is super light - almost white actually. Weird.