Saturday, February 16, 2013

Yorrik's Kaptin Badrukk

Hello all! While Brother Muninn loses his babies under couch cushions, forgets them on the bus, and all sorts of other new-dad comedic errors, I will be pitching in by contributing to the blog with minis from my own collection. Around here I am known as Yorrik (you can see a helpful button at the top of the screen that links to my other contributions) and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase my work. However, while Muninn enjoys painting skills, camera skills, and blogging skills, I alas only have numchuck skills, so my contributions will be of decidedly worse quality.

I live in the same college town as Muninn and have been painting miniatures for about 15 years. My interests overlap with Muninn's quite a bit, focusing quite a bit on nerdy activities like board games, roleplaying games, and other assorted time-sinks. Our local game store hosts a monthly painting contest wherein the entry fee is to buy a miniature from the store's stock and submit it. Feeling quite orky and flamboyant, I decided on Kaptin Badrukk, the overpriced squad-upgrade to what is probably the worst unit in the current ork codex:

I wasn't lying about the camera skills. At least my iPhone can make up for some of my incompetence. I had a blast painting this mini, and hope to do more ork pieces in the future. The skin tone was a fun adventure, as it involved building up layers of drab olive greens and ending with a purple wash. The Kaptin's Snazzgun is a favorite detail, I love how burly and nasty that thing looks. Hopefully I'll bag first place!


  1. Nice stuff. I like the simple effect on the edge of his blade. Very good. As for the nerd thing, back in the day my skater colleagues and I decided that NERD actually stands for Never Ending Radical Dude(tte).

  2. I'm not "Losing babies under couch cushions," I'm sending them down there in search of missing bits.

    I figure they're naturals at picking up small things they aren't supposed to eat, so why fight it? I'll just have to put a tiny baby-sized Hannibal Lecter masks on them to make sure they don't make it to their mouths.

    Great looking Ork by the way. May the best mini win.