Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 30: (Meet the PC) Gragnoc, Goliath Barbarian

During the course of our "Acid Reflux" inspired game we discovered that there are few things more fearsome than a charging Goliath Barbarian. On several occasions he took down an enemy in a single powerful swing of his axe. 

We found out later that we'd missed the fact that the barbarian got nerfed in an errata. Oh well. The legend of Gragnoc, the barbarian stronger than any ten other barbarians will live on.

This is the tallest mini I've painted this month. It isn't as noticeable without another mini to compare him to, but he towers over almost every other mini. It's almost remarkable he doesn't topple over despite being on that small base (Goliaths are medium size creatures after all). While this mini (Reaper's Uglunuk, Half Giant Warrior) IS a good depiction of a Goliath Barbarian, it isn't very accurate to Gragnoc.

As it was a tongue in cheek game the player, Robotlich, described Gragnoc as having a giant, crazy, stick-filled beard. Specifically because Gragnoc read the Players Handbook entry that Goliath males are universally hairless as a challenge. Then, in a bout of concentration & sheer willpower Gragnoc forced himself to instantly grow the craziest, longest beard ever.

It was that kind of game.


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