Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 31: Heroquest Elf

Alright. Now I consider my mini challenge to be complete.

Back around 1995 my older brother took his first tentative steps into geekdom, and like any good sibling I followed right in his footsteps.

It started with a copy of the D&D red box, then the DragonStrike board game (I still remember that video), and of course, Heroquest. After much badgering my brother eventually let me paint the minis. Problem was, the only paints I owned were Tester's model paints, and my brushes were those crappy plastic things that came with kid's watercolors. That, plus the fact I'd never really *painted* a miniature meant the finished product was not very good (in my defense, I was 12). During a raid of my parent's house I found a handful of these, my first painted minis.

My buddy, and fellow gamer, Robotlich, happened to have a copy of Heroquest, and I thought it'd be fun to paint one, and compare them to see how far I'd come.

I decide to use the same color scheme as the original mini: White hair, red shirt, green pants, etc. which should make it easier to compare the two. Speaking of which...
I have no doubt that my friends will take one look at these two minis and say "which one is new?" 
I changed a few things on this paint job. I decided he wasn't wearing gloves, and that he had ridiculous rolled down boots instead of ridiculous rolled up pants. You can't tell from this angle, but I also tried to duplicate the look of a Heroquest board tile on the base.

I'm happy with it, and the comparison. My local game store owner wants to put these two minis on display. I'm not totally sure why, but I think it's to show customers that everyone's minis suck when you first get started, but it gets better with practice.

Maybe that's just my takeaway.

Anyhoo, now that this year's May mini Challenge is complete I'm on to a few new projects. Namely, I got a whole bunch of new Space Wolf commissions that I'm going to start plugging away on here, as well as my own Tau, although he Wolves take precedence since someone's paying me for those.

Thanks for following my personal painting challenge. More in a few days.



  1. Huge congrats on the month of painting, incredible productivity. I've a huge soft spot for heroquest as I painted the whole set when I got back into the hobby. PS loving the PCs so much that I've had a go at some for my D&D group, their up on my blog now.

  2. I love Hero Quest.

    One of the first miniatures I painted was the barbarian from HeroQuest. I still have him, not bad for a first effort, but not that great either. ;)

    Actually, your first elf isn't that bad.

    Congratulations on finishing all 31 miniatures for the month! You've done some great painting.

    I've still got a long way to go to complete my goal of 52 miniature just for this year.