Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 29: LotR Lothlorien Elf

The good news is that I completed 37 miniatures in the Month of May: three more than I managed last year. The bad news is that May is over and I still feel like I've left minis incomplete.  I started three minis to complete within the month, but didn't quite finish them in time.

I still want to wrap them up though, so here's Thursday's offering.

I didn't actually buy this mini with any intention if painting it. This guy was part of a three-mini blister that I bought intending to steal the bows for a conversion. I only ended up needing one of the bows though, so this guy got to keep his hand.

This is actually the first Lord if the Rings mini I ever painted. It was kinda fun. The difference in scale is interesting though. When you're used to "heroic 28mm," like you see in most Warhammer & Reaper minis, The LotR minis seem particularly small. 

The dark green was a new one for me. I started with an old Foundation paint, Orkhide Shade, then mixed in white for subsequent layers. In the end it looked oddly blue, so I drenched it in green wash, which brought it around to a nice evergreen shade.

I don't this this mini will make me convert to playing LotR, or the Hobbit, but it might have coaxed me into picking up a few loose minis here & there. I do rather like Kili, Oin, & Thorin Oakenshield's minis.


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