Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 28: Crane Clan Courtier

Back when I was picking up a bunch of Clan War minis I picked up this guy as part of a group of minis on ebay. I've never had much need to paint him since I've never played in a game where anyone played a courtier or social-type character (It's always been Samurai & Shugenja). Plus the Clan War stuff is pretty detailed, so I don't usually feel like dedicating the amount of time it'd take to paint this guy as an NPC.
 Being a Crane Clan character my colors were chosen for me. All that I really had to do was decide where exactly the white & blue should be applied. the Crane sometimes have white hair, but I figured there was enough white on the model already, so I went for black. The scabbard is orange because it's a complementary color to blue, so I figured it'd balance and stand out nicely.


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