Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 17 & 18: Word Bearer Chosen (#2) and the Masque

Alrighty, here's another two days worth of minis. Pretty much the same situation and paint scheme as all the others. I do rather like this Chosen. He's really characterful with the horns and ribcage.

I've had the Masque for a few months now. I chose it as a prize for one of the painting competitions. I don't really have any intention of using it as the Masque itself (her rules aren't all that great), but I might just use it as a Herald.
 I have my own Daemonette scheme, so I tried to duplicate that motif. The pink is a little lighter than the 'nettes, but she's a character, so I'm good with that.

This means Chaos week is over & Xenos week begins.


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