Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 26: Male Human Druid

A mini from the old Wizards of the Coast line over a decade ago. I picked it up from a local game store last year because it'd been behind the counter for basically that whole decade, still in its box, unpainted, unloved. Also it was really cheap.

Nobody had bought it for a few good reasons. A) Druid minis tend to look really durpy. B) This mini looks really durpy. C) Durp (sorry, I'm tired). Head to base this mini has some issues. The eighties hair, the face is really flat with oddly placed eyes, the clothing billows out in ways that aren't really feasible, the skull on the staff is ugly as hell, the feet and hands are a lot larger than they should be, and the mini is on the small side (kind of an odd thing to say, really).

I do believe that you can save a bad mini with a good paint job, though. I think I succeeded with the face, but not sure about the rest of him.

When I was looking at pictures of fantasy druids for inspiration I got a little tired of all the browns and greens. Seriously. Apparently there's a dress code once you become a druid. This guy likes a splash of color. You want to give a mini a sense of character, and this guy has it.

The only color that really stumped me was the hair color. I asked my wife for a suggestion & she told me "redhead with a streak of white." Sure, why not?



  1. Again A+ work on the colors!

  2. Great job!

    I think you saved the mini from a durpy oblivion.

  3. Swap out that sickle for an SMG and add on some techno-looking bits and you'd have a pretty good Shadowrun shaman there!

  4. I was working on that guy a while ago, and I was so afraid that it was me. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that thought it was derpy. I think you did an excellent job with it though.