Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1: Duergar Legionnaire

I hope today was a good test run for how the rest of the month will work. I had a busy schedule today and estimated I would only have an hour and a half to paint, if I was lucky. I ended up getting it done with time to spare. The kids took a nice little nap, and I finished this guy.

I bought this mini at the end of the last May when I was planning my finale. This is part of a box set from Chainmail, the old Wizards of the Coast skirmish game. When I was looking at the remaining minis they seemed kinda sinister, so what better than turning them into the evil dwarven cousins? There isn't as much contrast in the mini as I'd like, but I guess darkness & the color grey are two of the Duergar's defining characteristics.

EDIT: I printed out a backdrop & jury rigged a useable photo. I'll probably continue to use this setup for the month.

More tomorrow.


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