Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 27: Human Paladin

I actually finished this guy several days ago, but didn't get around to editing the picture until today. I got this guy about 7 years ago and hadn't touched it since.
This mini screams Paladin to me, and when I was figuring out the color scheme I decided nothing said "holy warrior" like white with blue. Again I figured a limited palette would be best, since the it'd be more striking that way. The mini is Sir Conlan from Reaper's Warlord line. The Warlord line is a bit bigger too, so sitting right next to the stunty druid he's almost a giant.



  1. Man, I adore the colors on this. Did you mix a blue wash with a silver to get the blueish armor? Only a TOTALLY unrelated note, you will have to come over and paint sometime. I have these Infinity minis that I need help with. They are so tiny and I have stupid fingers.

    1. Thanks, I'm fond of it too. The blueish metal came from using an old Games Workshop ink on a metal basecoat (it's called Sky Blue Ink) then painting over the armor with a lighter metallic (Chainmail).

      I should be free to do that sometime in the next few weeks. I return to work June 16th, so I'm sure we could hang out sometime before then.