Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 11: Inquisitor

Mother's day was this weekend, and since I'm married to a new mom, I figured I'd spend more time with her than with my minis (what's happened to me priorities?). Basically this meant that I missed a day of mini painting, but I'm all caught up now.

The mini I intended for Saturday is one of my favorite Inquisitors GW has ever put out.

I feel like Inquisitors should stand out as interesting individuals, so I went my own route on his color scheme. If anyone remembers the original Neverwinter Nights games, one of my favorite armors was one you could dye blue with gold accents (In the third expansion I think). I didn't realize he was going to have a dusky skin until I painted on a layer of "Dark Skin" as a base for a lighter tone. It just looked right, so I went with it.

I don't have a name in mind for him, but I'm thinking Juris (my character's name in NN, also a Latin root meaning "of law") 

I'll post Sunday's mini shortly. The beginning of Chaos week.



  1. Wow, man your painting is great!

    1. Thanks. I might have to make them a proper unit or ally attachment.