Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 5: Callidus Assassin

I started painting this miniature back when I was in college. Good lord that was a while ago.

For context, since I first applied paint to this gal I've earned a degree, put in five years as a journalist, moved three times, gotten engaged, married, and had kids. A single miniature has just made me feel really old.

I originally abandoned this mini because it's foot snapped off the base tab, which makes it freakishly difficult to put back. Much of yesterday was spent delicately pinning the foot to a piece of metal sprue (to add surface area), then to the base itself, as well as greenstuffing a little to make it all blend in.

Like I said on Saturday I frequently look to use colors other than black, and this Callidus is a good example of that.Calliduses (Callidi?) are chameleons & shapeshifters, so how better to represent this than with an alternate color scheme? I'd don't think I've ever seen a white assassin, so I thought I'd have a go. Some of the edging is a bit rough, most noticeably around the spikes on her leg. It isn't perfect, but I like her.



  1. That's awesome. White. I never would have tried it, but seeing this I am honestly inspired. Nice work.

    1. Thanks, She was a fun one to paint up. It was nice to finally finish it.

  2. I don't suppose we could get a tutorial on that white?