Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 25: Tortoise Clan Samurai

I know this mini is from the now defunct Clan War wargame, but the only place you can find it is Reaper. I first picked it up circa 2006 when my friends & I started playing an L5R campaign.

Okay, I'll let a bit of my geek flag fly here. The reaper website calls this mini Hyobe of the Mantis Clan, although it's actually based on Kasuga Hyobe, a Tortoise Clan samurai who was part of the Yoritomo Alliance during the Clan Wars. As far as I can find, their part of the alliance disbanded before the Mantis were granted Great Clan status, so Hyobe was probably never actually a part of the Mantis Clan.

I didn't know exactly which clan to identify him as, so I gave him color combinations of both the Tortoise (Blue & Yellow) and the Mantis (Green & Blue). Samurai in this setting are all about  bright colors and recognition, so despite clashing a bit I think he works. Also: Handlebar Mustache.


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