Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 7: Jokaero

Today's mini is a relatively new addition to my collection of minis. I always knew I wanted a Jokaero model, but wasn't compelled to get one until I heard their metal versions were being replaced by finecast (Yeah, I'm one of those guys). I made sure to order mine before the switch, and finally found the excuse to paint it up.

I'm satisfied with this guy, considering the amount of time I had to work with, but he's by no means my best. I relied a lot on washes, and I'd say it's slightly above table-top. If I were to fix one thing it would be the hands and feet. Looking around the web at what others have done I see a lot of people extending the flesh tone into the extremities, and I think I prefer that, especially given the fact that they blend into the gray gravel base. Maybe I'll go back & fix it at the end of the month.



  1. Man he looks great! I think you are being hard on yourself.

    1. Lol, or maybe I'm just that good with photo editing software. :)

      He looks fine, it just doesn't feel as clean as I'm used to. One thing that sticks out to me is that some paint clumped up when I was working on his right eye. It vexes me.

  2. What is the story on finecast? This is a world Sarah will be venturing into more in the summer, and this may be relevant to her interests.

    1. Finecast is the name of Games Workshop's proprietary resin blend. Sarah probably won't have to worry about it unless she's gonna pick up Warhammer or 40k.

      The minis were pretty bad when they were first put out, but nowadays they're consistently good. A lot of folks, like Sean & Matt really like it since it's a lot better for conversions.

      The biggest issue for me is that since the material is light & flimsy so it can warp & bend, and there can be bubbles on the surface of the mini. There are tricks to fixing all those issues, but it's probably more than a casual modeler would be willing to do.

      If I'm given a choice between finecast or metal, I usually choose metal. I prefer the heft & quality.