Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 23: Striking Scorpion

In truth, I'd intended to paint a ton of Tau this week. Sadly I didn't get them prepped in enough time to do what I wanted. I should still have a few this week though. Instead, I've been blowing through some Eldar Aspect Warriors.

I actually bought this Striking Scorpion on Thursday. I needed another xenos that I could paint quickly and this mini was primed and for sale on commission at my local game store. I picked it up & finished him a day later.

Unlike the Dire Avenger, this guy fits with my homebrew quite nicely. I purposefully replaced the typical yellow accents with gold for a fairly petty reason. I'm an Oregon State alum, and I can't bring myself to field a unit adorned in Green & Yellow.

Regardless the mini came together nicely, and I'm quite fond of the metallic tweak I made. Who knows, if the next month's Codex shows the Striking Scorpions to be a great asset I might have to complete a whole unit.


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