Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet the PC: Ka'si Tak'cho, Half-Elf Ardent

One of my favorite parts about tabletop roleplaying is finding, modeling, and painting the perfect miniatures for our party PCs. I've been doing this for years now, and thought I'd share some of these characters with you.

Continuing on with the Dark Sun campaign we come to Robotlich's character, Ka'si, a Half-elf raised by Thri-kreen, (a race of insect-men native to the setting). Half-elves are pariahs in Dark Sun, so her only real companion going into the story was her adopted human sister, who she would do anything to protect.

Yorrik did another knock out job with this mini, an Iconic Female Barbarian made for the Pathfinder game by Reaper. There's a lot to like here, like the deeply tanned skin, and excellent detail work to make the sword and spears appear to be stone. I particularly like the sun-bleached hair that you'd expect to see on someone who has spent too much time in a harsh desert environment, really good attention to detail there.


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