Monday, March 23, 2015

Sister of Battle Test Mini & Ivory Tutorial

Early this month there was a "rally" to show support for Adeptas Sororitas by purchasing SoB minis at 8amon March 4th. In theory that'd create a sales spike, and demonstrate that there were people interested in seeing new Sisters of Battle minis.

I did my part, and bought a Sister with a Multi-Melta (because everybody loves AP1) and a Seraphim with hand flamers. They were delivered last week, and I thought I'd try a new color scheme. Here's the result:
I don't have a name for the Order yet, but they look like

The color scheme is borrowed/stolen from Stahly over at Tale of Painters. He originally used it to paint up a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest conversion. I've found it to be a nice, neutral, off-white. My other method, like for Deathwing terminators, is warmer, with a yellowish cast. This also happens to be faster (no waiting for washes to dry).

The Method is simple:
1. Prime White
2. A solid layer of Pallid Witch Flesh
3. Line shadows with Karak Stone
4. Highlights with a Pallid Witch Flesh mixed with White Scar,
5. A final highlight of White Scar

I like this method for a few reasons, namely, It's quick, easy to retouch, and looks sharp. I was able to paint the armor, robes, and some of the metallic bits in a single sitting, so painting a whole unit of these ladies shouldn't take too long. When your armor uses washes in the painting process it can be difficult to go back and fix mistakes, or areas where you've overpainted, but with these basic steps it's easy to recover. I had several areas where I dripped black wash, but it was repainted in no time.

I spent a while deciding what color to paint the robes. I liked the look of my Hospitaller from 2013, but I thought black might end up looking better due to the cooler shade of ivory. Even after I'd finished painting the robes I was uncertain. The off-white and black together had too much contrast for my liking. It wasn't until I added the metallics that I found myself liking the combination. Now I can see a while army in the same scheme.


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  1. The ivory is stellar. I see what you mean about the contrast, though. I would definitely recommend experimenting with ivory/red - if you keep the red dark and brooding it might yield coll and unique results.