Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Support Sisters March 4th

A few days ago I posted a little article regarding my hope that the Adeptas Sororitas get some much-deserved attention from Games Workshop, and today I see there's a grass-roots movement to get the company's attention.

The idea is simple: According to the facebook page, "Gamers will simultaneously purchase a model (or more if you wish) from the Adepta Sororitas range via the webstore in order to show GW that the community continues to enjoy sisters and that a new range is viable. Games Workshop is a business and if there is one way to make a business take notice it is by doing something unexpected with their sales figures."

There seems to be a bit of a backlash about this "rally." Some think this would hasten their "squatting" since it'd help clear their stores of old metal minis. Others say it's pointless, since the rumors say Sisters are already in the works. I doubt both. Ideally, by creating a sales spike it'd show the potential money-earning potential of the line. Regarding the second argument, GW's newest weekly sales model seems fairly fluid, and allows quicker changes to the release schedule. I'm (personally) expecting the Sisters to get their update next Summer, but maybe this cash mob could get them bumped up in the schedule a bit.

For those of us on the Pacific coast, the idea would be to make your purchase at 8AM. I will likely be purchasing a heavy weapon and a flamer, since there are never enough special weapons in a box. We'll see if this actually goes somewhere.


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