Friday, February 20, 2015

Rant: Bring on the Sisters

I don't typically traffic in rumors, but the recent suggestion on a Summer campaign featuring Adeptas Sororitas & Tzeentch has me excited.

To date, I have collected about seven armies worth of Warhammer miniatures. I've only played seven games in the last year, so that's a lot if expensive models that are just sitting on shelves. It's also enough minis to make it tough to justify buying new armies. For instance, I really like the look if the new Harlequins, but I just can't rationalize buying a whole allied force. (I'll still probably buy the Solitaire & Shadowseer though)

That being said, I'll make an exception for Sisters of Battle.
Years ago I decided I wouldn't buy another army unless it was Sisters. I've always had a soft spot for the bolter broads. They have a neat back story, and a fun Gothic aesthetic, but I've always held back from starting a force due to their expensive old models and poor rules. If the rumors are true, and they receive a new codex & plastic boxes I'll drop $170 sight-unseen just for starters.

The Adeptas Sororitas haven't had their own codex, or a decent mini release, for over a decade, so I'd like to think they're due for a revival. They've been around since 2nd edition so it seems odd that space-elf ninja clowns got their own codex before women with guns.
Maybe we'd even get to see a mini of the Adeptas Familias (far left)

It has been suggested that they're a low priority for GW since they don't sell well. This strikes me as a silly argument since GW really hasn't really marketed them for years. No physical codex, no new minis to draw attention to the line, and just the barest amount of fluff support. The same was said about Dark Eldar before their meteoric rise following their rebuild.  It's also been noted that they're one of the most mistreated and abused factions in the fluff.

I don't believe they need a huge release. The way I see it they could get away with a Grey Knight treatment. Sisters, Celestians, Dominions, and Retributors could all fit into a single box (I'd guess 10 for $60), while Seraphim and Repentia would probably need their own. Throw in a plastic Exorcist and few plastic characters (like a Canoness and Priest) and you're set.

tl;dr, I hope GW gives Sisters of Battle a  so I can throw my money at them.


  1. Just to weaken you wallet further don;t forget about Raging Heroes Sisters or Mercy kickstarter this March, I think o_O So many nuns with guns!!!!!!!

    1. Yeup, I also have my toe in the Shieldwolf kickstarter. No nuns there, yet, but some decent looking minis.