Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Bloodthirster leaks

Everyone has seen the Bloodthirs3ter White Dwarf cover by now, but this morning has delivered photos of the three Bloodthirster variants. According to Faeit 212 they'll be $116, which is pretty steep, but it is a pretty large piece.

There isn't a Skarbrand option, but it'd be easy to convert one, although you'd have to destroy a perfectly nice pair of wings (greenstuffing them might be more cost effective), and swap an axe into one of the whip hands.

The Unfettered Fury variant is probably the closest to the traditional thirster we think of. Horned head, wings, axe, and whip.
I'm curious about the model's balance. I've noticed two versions use the flame-trail foot, while the Unfettered Fury appreas to be directly on the base.
 I like The Wrath of Khorne in part because the head is clearly a throwback to both the classic Bloodthirster, and the old Hero Quest Gargoyle.

The newest variety is the Insensate Rage thirster.  It reminds me a bit of the Doom Bull.

It looks like a pretty good kit. There will be plenty of neat leftover bits. I'm not totally sure how useable some of the bits will be, due to the sheer size of the mini though. I be it'd be great to convert a Chaos Knight though. I'm looking forward to seeing what others are able to do with it.


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