Friday, February 27, 2015

Night Wolves commission: Logan Grimnar

My regular customer, Rhapsody, approached me last year about painting a new Logan Grimnar for his Night Wolves army (sans Rocket-Sled). I said yes, since I'd wanted to paint one since I first saw the model, but had no interest in paying that much for a mini I'd never use.

I got the mini a while later and holy crap was he detailed. It's easily the most intricately modeled mini I've ever been paid to paint. Rhapsody always preps minis before he gives them to me, and the only things he doesn't glue are bits that would make it difficult to paint the nooks and crannies. This usually means a mini will show up in two pieces. Grimnar here showed up in five. I wasn't even able to start assembling him until I was 90% done.
I knew this would be a visually busy model, so I did my best to limit the palette. The armor was either blue, or brass, the fur all had a base of Stormvermin Grey, etc. To make sure Grimnar's head stood out amongst the rest of the details I made sure his hair was the only area of pure white on the mini. Ideally this will draw attention back to the head, and differentiate it from the rest of the fur.

There were several entertaining details to this guy. The chest armor has a nice embossed scene of a trio of stars and a wolf, but it's almost completely obscured by the necklace he wears. One of the areas I wish I'd spent more time was the axe blades. My goal was to create a kind of marbled red glow, but I think I kept it too dark at the surface cracks don't read well.

Here are a few other Long Fangs I painted alongside Logan. They're done a lot faster, both because they're far smaller and less detailed, and because they just need to look good at arm's length. They're decent, but Logan Grimnar is the centerpiece of the army.



  1. Holy crap. I LOVE his pelt :) What was your palette for the flesh part?

    1. The leather is pretty simple. It's a basecoat of Rhinox Hide, then a layer of Rhinox mixed with Bestial Brown, up through XV-88 with an Agrax Earthshade wash. The little embossed rune I freehanded (they're tough to see in the corners) were Rhinox, XV-88, then a little Balor Brown edging.