Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reaper Bones kickstarter received

It's been said that when a mini painter has run out of minis to paint he will die.

If that's true, this photo is proof that I am now Immortal.
That's 175 miniatures from the Bones II kickstarter.

Last night I got home from work to find this in my house. I knew it was in transit, but I really wasn't expecting it, since it was a national holiday, and the postal service doesn't deliver. They must've used FedEx or UPS.
Either way, I was eager to break into my box.
Beneath the packing material you can see a box, the Core set, containing about 150 minis. Underneath that is a carrying case I purchased as an add on for $30. The case only carries 36 minis (24 standard sized minis, and 12 large) but it'll be easy to shape foam to fit whatever I need in the future. Outside of the core box the various mini add ons were loose inside, although they were packed in their own individual plastic bags.
The three large bags are the core set, while everything below are add ons.

I bought a handful of add on minis, but the biggest was Narthrax. (in the open box picture above you can see I was overeager, and opened his bag before I thought to take a photo)
While most of the minis were pre-assembled & glued, the add-ons were left in bits. The dragon was still pretty easy to snap together though.

Upon first inspection I thought they'd modified their plastic recipe. Several miniatures seemed more resistant to moving & bending. This wasn't consistent throughout the box though. Some, like the mummies, even seemed bendier than other Bones minis I experienced. Mold lines were hit-or-miss. Most of the models seemed alright with a few exceptions: the dragon hatchling minis lack almost all detail, and the Dub Bullock mini looks like the molds were a bit offset. Overall these are small nitpicks on what is a decent product.

I'm sure you'll see more of these minis in the future.



  1. Very nice! I wanted to go all in but there was more Fantasy this time than I cared for and the last one I had more options to use in other the addons were more expensive which I hated....

    1. Yeah, they did thing a bit differently this time. Instead of a single core set with add ons, they included several purchasable expansion sets. I wasn't a big fan if this since it meant there would be fewer stretch goals where minis would go into the core set. I figured this was a result if learning their lesson from the last kickstarter. Price per mini was still .83¢ though, so I was okay with this.

      I believe there was a sci-fi specific expansion, it just wasn't what I was looking for.