Monday, August 27, 2012

Test Mini: Deathwing Bone

With Dark Vengeance looming large I thought I'd start working on how I'd go about painting the Dark Angels, since I'd like to sell them off quickly.  My first test mini is for use on the Deathwing Terminators. They've got an iconic bone look that can be tough to look clean.

Fortunately I've already found a Bone Armor technique. I just wasn't sure how well it'd translate on a smaller scale.  Turns out, very well.
This is a throw-away marine I got for cheap on eBay. It had some ugly mold line work & thick primer when I got it (eBay has some risks), so I never really planned on using it for my actual armies.  Despite this, the technique worked perfectly. The paint went on smooth & without difficulty and looks really clean at the end.  This should be a really fast & efficient way of painting up the Deathwing termis once I get them.


In case you don't feel like clicking on the Bone Armor link here're the basic steps.

1. base the model with Krylon Almond Indoor/Outdoor paint
2. wash with Gryphonne Sepia
3. drybrush a bit of white to find the high areas
4. paint thin coats of a light ivory color (I'm using P3 Menoth White Highlight)


  1. Looks good, especially for 4 steps! I've been hunting for some Deathwing recipes in anticipation of the starter set, looks like the Almond Krylon is a good way to go. Thanks for posting

  2. Ron over at from the warp has a nice deathwing bone also might want to check his out too

  3. The bone looks smooth and rich. What are you going to do with the robes for the Vengeance DAs?

  4. I'll probably do a bone color for the power armored guys, and a Green robe for the Deathwing sergeant. Nothing spectacular, since they're just gonna be for sale, but good enough to be worthwhile.