Monday, August 6, 2012

Plaguebearers: Box Breakdown

So after a long weekend of work i was finally able to get to my LFGS to buy the long-awaited Plaguebearers. I haven't been able to find a good summary of the sprues anywhere, so I thought I'd write one up.

First things first, this box is jam-packed. These are pretty sizable minis, but they've still managed to toss in plenty of extra goodies.

Each basic mini is broken down into five bits: a Body (torso & legs, but no chestpiece), a Chestpiece (chest & stomach), two arms (right arm has a sword, left arm is generally free), and a head. I'm quite fond of the heads. There's a fun variety of faces & expressions, like one that looks like it's spitting maggots, or another that looks like a fly's head.

The limiting bits are the bodies & chests. There are a total of 10 of each, so if you're going to build a whole unit you don't have any extra options there. They're great though, so I'm not complaining (I'm particularly fond of the bodies that look like the legs have elephantitis). There are a few funny bits here as well, like the chest where a nurgling is peering out from the inside of the stomach.

There do appear to be matched pairs between chests & bodies too. Each bit has a letter etched into the back, (A, B, or C) so I'd wager these are meant to fit together. There can be a little variety here though, since there are several bodies/chests with each letter.

I'll be interested in seeing how well the chest & body fit together. The bloodletter box had some obnoxious seams in it, so I'm hoping this looks better.

Rounding out the rest of the bits are severed human heads (eyes & mouths are sewn shut, so the triangle it forms looks little like Nurgle's symbol), Nurglings, and little piles of maggots. There are also banners & a musical instrument (a pan flute) for the full command.

The nurglings are fun as well, kinda like mischievous pus-bubbles (three words I never thought I'd string together). I'll probably put them on a base for use as swarms instead of tossing them on my bearer's bases as decoration, although two appear to be swinging from entrails.

Here's the breakdown of bits:
10 Bodies
10 Chests
15 Heads
11 Right/Sword arms
13 Left arms (includes champion arm w/a bunch of heads, the banner pole arm, & the flute arm)
7 Nurglings
3 Human Heads
2 Banners
2 Maggot Piles
1 Flute

In conclusion: It's a great looking box. Good sized minis with numerous options & bits for later conversions. I'll probably end up building them this week, & put them near the front of my painting queue. :)



  1. I love the amount of bits the box comes with, and 7 nurglings is awesome! That is easily 2 bases worth. I dislike that the way they are painted on the box makes them look like they are high and giggling.

  2. Me too. Honestly, if I get another box of Plaguebearers I'll probably build three bases of nurglings just so I have a unit to tie up walkers.

    My paint scheme will probably be more vacant, malevolent, & zombie-like than the happy stoner look.

  3. So paint 'em already, you lazy hump!

  4. First off i've looked at your blog and your a great painter! I really like all of your models you have posted. I am a ork player and i was wondering if i could get some advice on painted Ghazhgkull thraka(named Thrakka Flakka)? Any ideas welcome. I saw somthing cool with him here

    could I also get some tips on basing models awesomely like yours. I have 2 Aobr warbosses already painted (named da ripa and da tearin) i based one with grass and it looks bare... any suggestions? I'll post some pictures when i can and also a pic of my kroot meat slave lol

    1. Thanks for the props.

      Looking at the Thraka in the video, it's good, but wouldn't be difficult to duplicate. It doesn't look like they used much in terms of highlights, & that they use one to two coats of colors, followed by a clever use of washes.

      If I were to guess on the red, I'd say he used Scab Red, then Red Gore, then a wash of either Devlin mud or Baal Red. I'd hazard a guess that the flames are several coats of watered down orange through golden/sunburst yellow. The metal is simple. Base metal, Devlin Mud/Badab Black wash, then a drybrush of the highlight metal.

      If you've already painted the minis I'd recommend the new texture paints. I bought some Stirland Mud when it first came out & it's quite handy when it comes to making bases without covering up stuff you've already painted. Then just drybrush some highlights, and a wash & you're good. Then if you want to add a patch of static grass it can really add a nice touch to it.

      If you don't care for the GW green static grass you can find others from Woodland scenics. The only downside is that you have to trim the grass to make it the right size.

      Sorry it took me so long to respond, and hope this helps. Look forward to seeing your meat slave.


  5. Thanks for the response. Sorry it took me a while also hahaha but my models were at my friends house and with school starting I couldn't get it for a while. But I decided to paint Thraka like the one in codex/rule book. btw you can look at the meat slave and some other pics at