Friday, August 3, 2012

Yorrik: Abhuman Commander

One of my good friends, Yorrik, also happens to be an avid mini painter & modeler. In addition to my usual painting projects I'll occasionally be featuring his work on this blog as well. The above mini is his most recent success, an Imperial Guard Commander converted from an SoB Missionary, an Enforcers Cyber-mastif, & some other bits & bobs. Not sure where he got the hat from.

For several years now he's been slogging away at a unique, highly converted Abhuman Imperial Guard army. Here's the story he put forth:

"The idea is that there is a planet where normal, healthy humans live on the (relatively) livable surface, while a race of degenerate, hunchbacked abhumans toils away in the tunnels and mines below. The attack of an enemy force (maybe Chaos, maybe Necrons, could be anything really) has wiped out the humans that lived above ground. A single Guard Officer (perhaps a Commissar) survives the attack, and escapes into the tunnels, where he whips the abhuman slaves into a ragtag fighting force."

Here's what he wrote about the mini:
"The idea here is that the Commissar is the only non-mutant to survive the weaponized disease that ravaged the planet. The fiction is working out so that a Nurgle-aligned Chaos warband is responsible - maybe the Purge. Anyway, the Commissar here whipped the underclass of mutants into a force of guerrillas that are trying to take the planet back. His cap is the only bit of his uniform he has left (the coat got shot full of holes) but he's been able to scavenge some key relics from the surface (including a rosarius/refractor field, and several other icons of the ecclesiarchy). My favorite bit is the Cyber Mastiff, which I figure he came across when looting an Adeptus Arbites Courthouse. It's going to count as a powerfist."

It's easily one of my favorites I've seen from him, and there will be more to come.


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