Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Test Mini: Deep Red

Before I jump into a project I like do a test mini. Instead of committing a whole squad or army to a new paint or technique I'll dig through my bits box & use it on a throw away mini first. At very least it helps me get a feel for how well the technique works, and I usually get a decently painted mini out of it.

Once the new CSM book comes out I want to build a unit of allied Word Bearers for my Daemons. I'm not a big fan of the quasi-magenta scheme that GW suggested in 3rd edition, so I want to do something closer to the Flesh Tearers.

So I painted a Flesh Tearer.

Ever since I used krylon spray paint to create the base for my Bone Armored Daemon Prince I've been wanting to see how well it'd expand it to other colors. So last night I went out & bought a can of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Burgundy (with a Satin finish), and I gave one of my primed minis two coats & let it dry over night.
I wasn't too happy with how the paint spread. It definitely took two coats, then it pooled a bit towards the cracks.  I was a bit worried it would close up some details, but they seemed to hold on just fine.

It's worth noting that the krylon spray comes out of the can a lot harder than Citadel Primer, so either hold the can back further, or blu-tack your bask down so it won't blow away (I did both). Plus, even after it's fully dried the paint still feels tacky, so I plan on having a temporary base, or maybe some cork to hold on to while I paint them.

This morning I woke up & gave the mini a dose of Devlin Mud wash (I'm still trying to use up my old paints) to fill the cracks, take off some of the krylon sheen/stickyness. Once that dried I just applied Red Gore, then a highlight of Red Gore/Skull White.
Once that's done I just gave it a wash of Baal Red, & it was good to go.

If you don't include the Primer/Krylon phases the whole mini was done in under 4 hours.  A lot of that was drying time too, so it wouldn't be difficult at all to batch paint these guys. I imagine painting 5 wouldn't take significantly longer than painting 1 or 2.

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