Friday, July 27, 2012

Night Wolves: Rune Priest

My commission project with my friends army, the Night Wolves, continues.  It's a pretty good deal really. He converts/assembles his minis, then gives them to me for painting.

Today I finished one of his Rune Priests. His painting requests were relatively simple: He wanted the outstretched hand to glow as though it were shooting lightning, the hair to look like a graying redhead, and the spear to look badass. Here's what I came up with:

 I hope the effect is simple but effective. I didn't want to do much with Object Source Lighting (OSL), so i kept it isolated to the palm of the hand. I also tried to mirror this with the white/blue eyes.

It isn't as noticeable in the pictures, but I also tried my hand at an electrical effect on the spear to go along with the lightning motif.

The Thousand Son on the base was its own little accomplishment. the 1k Son & Rune Priest use a pretty similar palette, so I tried to lighten the prone marine's armor, & did a little OSL green to differentiate it & draw a little attention to it.
This was a fun one to paint overall. I'm not sure if I'd do anything differently other than lighten the 1k Son's armor a bit more.


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