Friday, July 27, 2012

Forces of Muninn

I have a difficult time focusing at times. While painting, working, or doing chores i get easily distracted and can move quickly from one task to another. This also come into play when building armies.

As it stands, i have a largish Raven Guard army that I haven't touched in years, a good sized Daemon army and, a smattering of various other armies/units.
These have probably been the most successful at keeping my attention, probably thanks to the variety of colors & techniques I've used for them.

Should a particular mini or unit might entice me I'll usually pick it up, whether or not I have a good reason buy it. Over the years this has added up a bit, so now I'd like to get grasp on my ever-burgeoning bits box, & put some of these minis to good use.

Now that Allies are a thing I'll be trying to build small contingency forces rather than whole armies. Here are two.
The first are the Fire Angels. I started these guys a few years back to start a fresh, but still canon, army. I only got up to finishing 11 marines before getting distracted by college, but now I can breath a fresh life into them as allies, while slowly adding a mini here & there. Plus I'd really like to see that Librarian on the table.

These are more of a pet project. I've started calling them Craftworld Verdain, but only have a grasp on their colors, not their fluff. I have a number of other Eldar kicking around, so whenever I get the yearning to paint something green I'll probably add to this group.We'll see what gets painted up first, Wraithguard or Guardians.

I also have a small handful of other budding ally groups, but I'll get to those in later posts.



  1. I really enjoy your work, especially those Fire Angels, very nice! This is going straight to the blogroll

    1. Thanks! I'd be happy to put you on my blogroll, but I'm so new to blogging that i haven't figured out how to do that yet. :P