Sunday, July 1, 2012

Commission: Lelith Hesparex

A friend wanted to give a fun present to a DE player friend, and commissioned me to paint up Lelith Hesperax. The player's color scheme is black & purple, but I've taken a little liberty with Lelith's hair & makeup.
People often ask me how long it takes to paint a single mini. I usually shrug and say "hours" because I start, stop, take breaks, move on to other minis, and get distracted by shiny objects.

 Now that I'm doing commissions I figured it'd be helpful to know for certain, so while painting Lelith I used a stopwatch to figure out exactly how long it takes me to finish a figure. Once completed I discovered that it took me about 5 hours & 30 minutes to knock her out. I set my commission price before knowing this though, so it turns out I charged him less than minimum wage for the mini. Not a bad deal for him.


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