Friday, August 24, 2012

New this Week

Since I tend to bounce from project to project I thought it'd be easier to just give recaps on my various works in progress. I don't write a lot of filler, your eyes don't glaze over, it's better for all of us.

First off: I built all of my plaguebearers. They looks great & they're in line for priming.
I also used the extra nurglings to make a base. I modified the one in the back to look like he's holding a little scythe by carving a scrap of sprue. If I end up making a unit of these guys I'll probably bits order more of the extras from the bearers box, & maybe the free-standing ones from the nurglings box. All told the bits would probably run about $4.00, so not much of an investment for a nice little tar-pit.
I only performed one minor conversion to these guys here:
This is my champion & ass you can see grandfather Nurgle has seen fit to grant him a slightly different weapon. This is actually the scythe from the plastic Cairn Wraith mini (I used the rest of the mini for a Tzeentch Herald conversion). It fit perfectly, & totally fits with nurgle's motif.

First on my painting table is the Greater Knarloc. Damn if this thing isn't big. He's detailed, delicate (not sure what glue was used on him, but it doesn't alway hold up) & hella daunting. Sometimes I just sit back at my painting table and try not to make eye contact with it since I don't know what to do next. He's getting paint though & I'm thinking about submitting it for the painting competition next month if it turns out well.

Finally, the main reason I want to get the Knarloc off my table is to make room for the Dark Vengeance starter set. I'm making plans in my head, figuring out colors, & schemes, & how I'll afford it. My plan at the moment is to paint up the Dark Angels is a fast-but-stylish way and sell them in order to mitigate the price of the whole box. You can expect to see a few test minis to this end in the next week or so.

My major concern in ther sale is method & timing. I figure the easiest way of selling them would be eBay, although it comes with its own risks. I figure I'd start bidding at $30 & hope for the best. Likewise I'm not sure if I'd want to paint quickly & try to ride the wave of folks who want to get their hands on the new starter, or hold off and sell once te Dark Angels codex drops. Either way it's probably a crap shoot.


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