Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Commission: Greater Knarloc

   So it isn't technically a commission, since I'm not getting paid, but I made a deal with my LGS owner that I'd paint one of his minis in exchange for helping out with a buddy's birthday present. In the end he pitched in $90 for the present, and asked me to paint up his much beloved Greater Knarloc. It had been half-painted & gathering dust for years now, so I guess he figured this would be a good way to get it done.

He collects Kroot like they're going out of style, and is probably the only guy I know that plays an all-Kroot army. He paints them in all types of kooky colors, patterns, & loves to convert them too. He even converted a Kroot Vindicare assassin.

Here's what it looks like to start with:

This thing is his baby, so he has a particular vision in mind for it.  Namely, he wants the skin to look like a Leopard Shark. I've never painted that kind of pattern before so it should be interesting. The shots I've seen of Leopard Sharks are kinda varied, but I plan on using a darker grey-brown base, then darker brown spots, mostly based on his photo:
This'll really test my skills, so I look forward to painting it, & sharing my progress.


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