Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yorrik: Psyker & Sisters of Battle

My buddy Yorrik continues to grind along with his project & this week he's added two more. The first, this Bane-looking lady, is his Primaris Psyker.

"Mordeheim Augur body with some conversions in the head and hands area. The idea here is that this little lady is a Throwback, an abhuman who appears "normal" enough to act as a liason between the tunnel crawlers and the surface dwellers. So she's sort of two-times a mutant. Oh wait, she's also a witch, so that makes her three-times a mutant. Anyway, she is a fun, welcome addition to the army."

Secondly, upon warming to the potential of the new Allies rules he's set out to build a small contingent of Sisters of Battle. In his army fluff a virus/plague/whatever decimated the population though so they didn't come out of it unscathed:

 "My thought here is that the planet Asclepius has a moon, and that moon had a chapel-barracks for the Order of the Bloody Rose. Now, the sisters were infected just like the planetary population, but the most faithful Sisters survived the worst of it, and now fight on in a state of painful living death. For the Emperor, of course."


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  1. Yorrik did a great job on these, really like the psyker...awesome sword!