Saturday, August 18, 2012

Test Mini: Leopard "Shark"

Before I jump into a project I like do a test mini. Instead of committing a whole squad or army to a new paint or technique I'll dig through my bits box & use it on a throw away mini first. At very least it helps me get a feel for how well the technique works, and I usually get a decently painted mini out of it.

Thursday I wanted to get to work on the Greater Knarloc, so I figured I'd give the color scheme a whirl. Since I was testing a leopard-like print, what better than to paint up a leopard?

What you see above is my basic plan. The majority of the fur is a mix of Graveyard Earth, Codex Grey, & Chaos Black then white added for subsequent layers. The color of the undercoat is Kommando Khaki with white. The spots are Chaos Black & Scorched Brown. Then everything got a wash of Devlin Mud & Badab Black.

I learned a few things from the mini. 1.) I need to lighten the base colors a bit to make sure the "spots" stand out better. 2.) less Devlin Mud, it seemed to add too much of a brown cast to the mini, particularly the lighter coat. I'll probably use Devlin Mud right after the base coat to add some depth, but not afterward.


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