Saturday, September 5, 2015

Meet the PC: Myev, Kobold Warlock

One of my favorite parts about tabletop roleplaying is finding, modeling, and painting the perfect miniatures for our party PCs. I've been doing this for years now, and thought I'd share some of these characters with you.

Myev is one of the weirder members of our King for a Day band. She (or He maybe? You can never tell with reptiles) is an emissary from a nation of swamp kobolds attempting to open up trade deals with a neighboring kingdom. Unfortunately, the king was on his deathbed & his successor is missing, so She/He joined the hunt for him, & continues to try to negotiate along the way. At one point she tried to offer military support, cuz who doesn't want an army of kobolds? Myev follows a Cthulu-like entity, although we haven't really gotten into that facet of the character.

There weren't a lot of options for Kobold magic users, so I decided to go the easy route & use the Kobold Sorcerer. Yorrik had it already, so all the better. Yes it has sunglasses, a fact I didn't realize until I started painting. It's like a little lizard Morpheus.

 I wasn't sure about how to paint this mini. I'd blocked out seasonal-themed colors for the other PCs, but Myev here was the fifth character. I knew the player wanted Myev to have grey-green skin, so I started there. I then added some maroon to complement, & decided to make everything else dark & swampy. It makes the green pop fairly well, so I think it plays nicely.


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