Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chaos leaks are Here!

Naftka over at Faeit 212 has released the first images of the new Chaos Space Marine goodies, and Ican't help but share them too

First, the Helldrake. It is, for lack of a better word, Bitchin'. My first impression wasn't one unmitigated of awe, since this shot doesn't do a very good job of showcasing the head details, and the backside appears a touch unfinished from the angle it was show at. Other than that, it looks like it'll be hell on wings.

The Maulerfiend & Forgefiend are neat and appear to draw heavily from the Juggernaut aesthetic. I think I favor the Forgefiend at the moment, just because I like the head a bit better. Things could change once I see them in a different light though.

Good lord, please let these Warp Talons be plastics. There are so many details & slender blades I don't think I'd want to even attempt to tackle them in finecast. I'm pretty sure they are, and I'm pretty sure they'd look amazing on the battlefield. The little flavor description makes it sound like they pop into & out of the warp as a way of stalking & ambushing victims, so I'll be curious how their rules work. Maybe always count as night fighting, Warp Spider-style teleportation, or special deep strike rules?

To me this guy looks like a haunted Techmarine. Again, the picture doesn't leave me overwhelmed since from the angle it's really cluttered lookin. You know when you're watching the Transformers movie, and there are two robots rolling around fighting, but you can't really tell what part belongs to what robot? That's how I feel about this guy.

 Maybe they should have painted him as something other than an Iron Warrior to break up the silver.

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