Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dark Vengeance: Box Breakdown

So I finally got my greedy little claws o Dark Vengeance. After a few cursory moments of investigating, inspecting, and smelling I snapped a couple shots of the sprues for your viewing pleasure (each picture shows front and back). Also, I'm a mini guy, so I'm going to bypass everything else & get to the meat & potatoes.

There are four big sprues total, chock full of minis packed in with little room to spare. The first thing you notice when looking at them is their fantastic detail. GW has come a long long way since Battle for Macragge. The bits come together in interesting inventive ways, like the bolter-Chosen whose horns are a part of the bolter arm bit (we have yet to see how well they actually fit though).

The first two sprues are identical and filled with both armies. Here's where you find the bulk of the Marines and Cultists, as well as their gear, as well as a Chosen, a Ravenwing bike, and a Deathwing termi. This is where the duplicates come from. There's a lot to like here, but for some reason I'm drawn to the Chaos backpacks. They're compact, and more characterful than the regular chaos packs. My favorite by far is the one with tentacles reloading a bolter.

The third Dark Vengeance Sprue is filled with the special Dark Angel bits. The gang's all here. The Company Master seems like the more fun with the way the chest fits into the body and the easily converted/customized/replaced head.

I think I'm going to have the hardest time letting go of the Librarian, since I really like the look of him, but I'm sure I'll be able to talk myself out of it. As mentioned, all of these sprues are bits to the brim with minis, but there are two little bits of chaos heads (one cultist & one chosen) for the bases. There's also a skull & ammo shells bit on the duplicate sprues as well.

Finally, my favorite, the special Chaos sprue. What's not to like? Each mini is it's own individual character. My top two minis are the Chaos Lord (ignoring the haters who complain that the sword is too big. pfft) and the Power Maul Chosen. Come hell or high water, that guy is going to be my Dark Apostle. He fits perfectly: Skull(ish) helmet, power mace, some obvious but interesting mutations. So much good stuff.

Since this is the Limited Edition box I got the Interrogator Chaplain as well.

He's alright.

There just isn't anything limited feeling about him. Other than the fancy cloak and smoke machine I think you could make an approximation with regular plastic army bits. I just feel like there was a lot of potential to do something that wasn't a vanilla looking chaplain. What about doing something like this guy?
In conclusion:
It's a damn fine box that I'm going to spend far too many night's working on. Hope you enjoy the pics & summary.


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  1. The starter set is pretty damn awesome! My 2 friends split one so I got a good look at them. And I totally agree that the Chaos lord and that one chosen, all of the chaos stuff looks incredibly bad-ass! And the hellbrute looks really cool, Its a freaking super possessed dreadnought! Much better looking than any dreadnought I have seen so far and much better than the old chaos one. Btw my friend is in love with that chaplain, and I also agree with you; its cool-ish but its not limited edition cool which is what it should have been...